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​Are you looking for a janitorial service in Sacramento that will do more than just empty the trash, run a vacuum and put out toilet paper?

We clean commercial facilities of all sizes, and our reputation as a premier commercial cleaning source stems from our commitment to quality and personalized service. 

Few Sacramento janitorial firms offer the wealth of custodial services, We do! Furthermore, much of our floor cleaning, restrooms cleaning, and office cleaning in Sacramento is done using green cleaning products. Universal Janitorial is a premier janitorial business in Sacramento, North Sacramento, West Sacramento, Rancho Cardova, Davis, and Natomas and can make your commercial office space as clean as it can be.

Universal Janitorial provides janitorial/custodial services using green cleaning products for commercial facilities including:

  • General commercial
  • Medical/healthcare facilities
  • Schools/day cares
  • Places of Worship
  • Car dealerships
  • Movie theaters
  • Country clubs
  • Restaurants
  • One Time Jobs
  • Offices

At Universal Janitorial, we pride ourselves in maintaining strong core principles and values. All of our employees uphold undeniable integrity and they strive to maintain the highest level of service for each and every customer. 

We also use an innovative approach that allows us to use the most powerful tools available in the janitorial industry. As a result, we deliver only the highest quality and most affordable services available in Sacramento. All of our supplies and chemicals come from reputable manufacturers, and we strive to be environmentally-minded as we work. Our Green Cleaning program promotes environmental health and sustainability. 

If you're in need of Janitorial /custodial services, our company provides affordable commercial cleaning in Sacramento and can address your needs. Let us help project the image you want for your office or facility.


"What really does it for me is the Universal Janitorial program they have. Every time you call with a request or a complaint you speak to the same person and not someone you don't know's voicemail. The Universal Janitorial job is to know each of my buildings inside and out, Universal janitorial has all of my buildings now because it seemed like they were the only vendor I had that actually cared about us." 

- Vincent D. 
Portfolio Manager in San Francisco, CA

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