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About Our Commercial Cleaning Company in Sacramento

Our mission is to efficiently deliver a wide range of janitorial services in Sacramento to each of our clients on a nightly basis. Our efforts promote clean and safe buildings by fulfilling our commitment to environmental sustainability. We strive to incorporate the most innovative resources and technology to provide the most effective janitorial program available. 

Our goal is to maintain a superior workforce of professional individuals through continuing education, with a strong focus on leadership and teamwork. We embrace diversity amongst our clients, employees and suppliers. Our pro-active approach to providing services emphasizes communication and responsiveness from all levels of personnel.

Above all else, we pride ourselves in operating on the same core principles and values upon which we were founded. We maintain undeniable integrity and consistently deliver the highest level of service which our customers have come to expect. 

Our innovative approach to utilizing the most powerful tools available to the industry strengthens our ability to deliver the most high quality, cost effective services available for commercial cleaning in Sacramento. We work closely with our valued partners to provide only the best chemicals and supplies from well known, reputable manufacturers. Our Green Cleaning program promotes health and sustainability. 

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"Accountability and emergency services are what I need from my vendors. Who makes my problems their problems and resolves them. Universal Janitorial is the best contractor I have because they make my issues their issues no matter what my apartment complexs need. I make the phone call and things get done, and I need that." 

-Peter B.
Cambridge House, Davis, CA
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