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​Locally owned and operated. We serve commercial clients throughout Northern California. Janitorial services in Sacramento are provided by permanent employees, allowing us to provide consistent service quality. Our ability to quickly innovate client solutions, adapt, execute, and communicate enables our clients to maintain a competitive advantage. 

Knowledge Transfer. Our full-disclosure bids show production and labor rates, paper and chemical pricing, recommendations and alternatives. This helps clients properly maintain their facility and manage costs, without hidden expense, quality or service surprises. 
Technology. Our systems help clients easily manage their annual budget and maintenance calendars, better control spending, ensure proper service delivery, and protect the facility. 

Our infrastructure, systems, warehouse, customer service, account management, emergency response, full–disclosure bids, and annual planning calendar are invaluable resources for clients.

At Universal Janitorial, we strive to efficiently deliver a wide range of services for commercial cleaning in Sacramento. Our mission is to promote clean and safe buildings by striving to provide environmentally friendly cleaning services. Our specialists work to incorporate the most innovative resources so that they can provide the most effective janitorial services in Sacramento. 

All of our employees participate in continuing education so that we can maintain a superior workforce. Our business has a strong focus on leadership and teamwork and we strive to embrace diversity among our clients, employees, and suppliers. Call us today and get quality office cleaning in Sacramento!


"I had been looking everywhere for a reliable cleaning service that uses environmentally friendly products. When I found Universal Janitorial , I was pleased to find that they used green products, but I needed to see results. I was not disappointed; they cleaned my Office thoroughly and professionally. There's nothing like coming to a freshly cleaned Office. With Universal Janitorial I get that on a weekly basis!"

Allen M. 
North Gate (Sacramento , CA)